Tipsy Dice – Roll, Drink, Dare


Tipsy Dice – Roll, Drink, Dare


Tipsy dice is the perfect game to take your parties to new levels of ‘high’.

Party ‘in or out’, this travel friendly game is an ideal recreation that can be carried around.

This entertaining game is a perfect brew of luck, drinks and dares. Roll different combinations of Tipsy dice for hilariously memorable times.

Each game contains 4 dice and a rules sheet packed in an attractive colorful box.


Here is a small list of instructions:

  • A Player has to roll all 4 dices together.
  • The White dice or the “who dice” indicates which player or players have to do the task. (player on left, first one to laugh, etc.)
  • The Yellow Dice or the “drink dice” indicates what drink the above player or players need to have.
  • The Pink Dice or the “dare dice” indicates what dare the above player or players would need to do, immediately after having the drink.
  • The Purple Dice or the “how dice” indicates how the above mentioned dare needs to be done.

Roll all 4 dices and get tipsy.

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“Tipsy Dice – Roll, Drink, Dare” is a drinking dice game by tamraktu is a social party game. In no way we recommend excessive alcohol abuse, please do not drink and drive. Drink responsibly.


Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2.5 cm


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