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  • iSoothe Eye Massager


    Rejuvenate your eyes with the most advanced Eye Massager in India today!

    Get radiant eyes with spa like massage at home.

    Choose any of the 5 massage modes with bluetooth music & rejuvenate in 15 minutes!

    It has built-in heating pads that provide gentle heat around the eyes. This gentle heat combined with the pressure & vibration helps improve circulation that wakens the body’s natural healing properties giving you radiant eyes!

    Great gift for friends & families. Show you care, with eye care.
    It is a premium gift that shows your love towards people in your life that matter.
    Celebrate friendship & show gratitude with the most advanced eye massager!




  • X-BOARD – LED Drawing Board A3 Size


    • VIEW EVERY DETAIL – High quality LED lumens provides even illumination across the clear white robust acrylic sheet to make tracing easy!
    • SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY – XECH X-Board PRO uses special type of Flicker Free LEDs. We also added a special eye protector film that provides an anti-dazzling effect to reduce the glare from the light.
    • 3 LEVELS OF ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS – XECH X-Board comes with 3 levels of adjustable brightness. This makes it easy to trace just about anything, especially for those who are learning to draw.
    • ANTI-DAZZLING – X-Board has been built with a clear acrylic sheet with a high flexural modulus score. The sheet is embedded with an anti-dazzling coat which reduces glare on the eyes.
    • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU – Designed especially for artists of all ages, the XECH X-Board PRO is perfect for drawing and sketching.
  • XECH Air Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker & Aroma Diffuser.


  • Xech Asymmetrix II – Anti Gravity Magnetic Lamp


    Inspired by anti-gravity design Asymmetrix is a unique, multi-functional desk lamp that also doubles up as a smart phone holder. At the center of asymetrix are two levitating orbs that also function as the light switch.   Xech Asymmetrix vivid led lights come with 3 dimmable light modes that can be controlled via the sleek function button at the bottom…

  • XECH Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery (V-Shark)


  • XECH HYDROBOIL – Portable Electric Travel Kettle


    XECH Hydroboil is a portable electric travel kettle designed in a shaped of a bottle that allows you to boil water and carry & prepare your favorite hot beverage, on the go! At the heart of the XECH Hydroboil, lies a superheating element and a powerful 300W Motor that boils water within minutes!

    Hydroboil is built using 304 stainless steel with double-layered insulation that prevents scalding & a host of safety features that include heat resistance, materials and a special coating that makes it easy to drink right out of the bottle!

    It comes with a standard 1 year Warranty (Pan India)

  • X-BOARD – LED Drawing Board A4 Size


    XECH X-Board is an Acrylic LED Drawing Board which can be used as a tracing board for Stenciling, Calligraphy, Embossing, Sketching etc. It comes in a standard A4 – 360*240 mm) size making it ideal for daily use and easy to carry around. Especially designed for Professionals like Artists, Engineers and Doctors, XECH X-Board provides Anti-Dazzling LED Display for a flicker free experience. Its intelligent design with added features makes it super convenient and practical. It is the preferred choice by Industry experts from various fields, such as Doctors, Engineers & Artists.

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