T2S Desk Lamp With Speaker and Penstand


XECH T2S is a Multifunctional Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and a Plant Pot which doubles up as a Pen Pencil Stationery Holder. XECH T2S is proudly sourced, engineered, manufactured and assembled right here in India!


XECH T2S Desk Lamp comes with high quality energy efficient LEDs with adjustable brightness & a rechargeable battery that runs for 6-8 hours making it ideal for students, working professionals and avid readers.


XECH T2S Table Lamp is perfect for Home Décor, thanks to its minimalist & modern design & a single touch operation. Its elegant design with an automatic color changing strip complements the brilliant functionality that includes a 5W speaker, a pen pencil & stationery holder & a plant pot.


XECH T2S comes with its very own micro greens starter kit that allows you to grow succulents right out of the box. We have also included a water drainage hole to use it continuously for indoor plants which are powerful stress busters and boost indoor oxygen.


XECH T2S Table Lamp comes with a hi-fidelity 5W speaker and in-built microphone that makes it the perfect desktop item. It even has Radio/FM, AUX mode, TF Card Slot and A USB pen Drive slot to play your favorite tunes anytime!

All this with a 1 year warranty and unmatched customer support. You can visit our website or reach out to our customer support team and we will gladly assist you.

XECH T2S multifunctional LED desk lamp with speaker and penstand, plant holder, office lamp. It can be used in home, office, schools, reading etc

Product Specifications

Adjustable Brightness Yes, 3 Level Dimmable
LED Lamp Working Time 6 To 8 Hours
Speaker Wattage 5 Watts
Speaker Play Time 3 To 5 Hours
LED Bulbs 28 Pcs
LED Light Type Hi-Lite SMD
Color Temperature 5500K – 6500K
Luminous Flux 600LM +/-10%
Speaker Size 52mm, 4 Ohm
Frequency Response 90Hz To 20KHz
Signal To Noise Rato ≥ 90db
Wireless Range 10 Meters
Input Voltage DC 5V – 500mA
Battery Capacity 3.7V 1200mAh

Provides light & gets you close to nature

When we designed the T2S we wanted to make sure that it could be used however one likes. Want a perfect bedside, indoor succulent? Let Xech T2S do the job! It’s perfect for the desk at the office too as its Stationery Holder can hold a wide variety of Pen Pencils & other important small items.

Let there be light. With a gentle touch

Xech T2S’s Bright yet easy-to-the-eyes LED Desk Lamp can be controlled via the touch-sensitive button placed on the front of the device. It’s perfect for desks of all kinds, whether it’s place by your bedside or on your office desk. The illumination is so gentle, that it is child-friendly as well.

Flexible Goose Neck Design

Xech T2S is completely Portable and Adjustable. Its Flexible Goose Neck Design allows you to change the direction of light as per your requirement making it perfect for Bedroom, Side Tables or Desks, while you study, read a book or just relaxing!

Easy To Use Controls

When we designed the T2S we wanted to make sure we were using ultra-premium materials without compromising on an elegant design. That’s why Xech T2S Desk Lamp with Speaker comes with 3 Level Adjustable Brightness to suit all your needs!

Color Changing LED Strip

This is where Xech T2S really out shines all other desk lamps. Quite literally, with a bright color-changing LED Strip that circles T2S, never be short of the right ambiance, or setting the mood right with a single touch.

The perfect Desk Lamp to lighten up your mood while you study, work or play!

Match your light to your tunes.

There aren’t many Desk Lamp out there that double up as powerful 5 Watt Bluetooth Speaker, with a penstand that too with AUX, USB Micro SD Card input & an FM Tuner. Get up to 5 hours of Wireless Bluetooth Playback within a 10 Meter range. Why get a Bluetooth Speaker? When you can get Xech T2S Desk Lamp Speaker.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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