King Of Kings – World’s Best Drinking Game


King of Kings – Worlds Best Drinking Game is a spoof of the legendary card game known as Kings.

(also known as King’s cupdonutcircle of death or ring of fire).

It is an advanced version using large cards oriented in landscape mode with pre written rules.


  • The player must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn.
  • Every card has a set of pre-determined rule or task written on it.
  • In this game, cards are shuffled and dealt into a circle around a large empty cup also known as the King’s Cup or the Kings Chalice.
  • Players must draw cards and perform the assigned action on the card.
  • Players then take turns to draw cards and participate in the relevant activity.
  • We have designed the cards horizontally and therefore enabling us to write the rules and the card assignments on top of the cards.
  • Since each card has activity written on it, there is no need to read the instructions.
  • When any player draws the last King Card, they will consume the King’s cup to end the game.


Points to remember:

  • We recommend that before you start the game, decide as a group what your 1 drink will be.
  • Is 1 drink equivalent to 1 shot of vodka or tequila? Or is it equivalent to 1 sip of beer?
  • You don’t need to drink large amounts of alcohol all at once. It is more important that your game lasts for a while so that you can enjoy it fully.
  • Our recommended age for playing ‘King of Kings’ is the legal drinking age in your country.

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King Of Kings – World’s Best Drinking Game by tamraktu is a social party game.

In no way we recommend excessive alcohol abuse, please do not drink and drive. Drink responsibly.


Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2.5 cm


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