Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Film Twin Pack (20 Shots)

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Brand Fujifilm
Model Name FBA_INSTAX MINI Twin Pack
Film Colour Color
Film Format Type 6×8
Exposures per Roll 800

About this item

  • Hi-speed 800 ISO
  • Super-fine grain ; Other Features: Designed For Use With Instax Mini Line Of Cameras Hi-Speed 800 Iso Vivid, Sharp Images Image Size: 2.13″ X 3.4″ Hi-Speed 800 Iso Super-Fine Grain Vivid, Sharp Images
  • Fast developing
  • Manufacturer Detail: FUJIFILM Corporation, 26-30, Nishiazabu, 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1068620 Japan
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Product description

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Film Twin Pack (20 Shots)
Instax camera Film

Fujifilm brings to you Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Film Twin Pack that have been designed specifically for the Instax mini-series cameras. You can get better results using the Fujifilm mini picture format film for your photographs. The films have several features that enhance the quality of the shots. The films are one-time-use and come with a High speed 800 ISO and fine grain for enhanced photographs.

Hi Speed ISO and Super Fine Grain with a High speed ISO of 800, the films ensure that each and every detail in the photographs is vibrant and vivid. With a high ISO value, you can capture lights and take artistic photographs with your Instax camera. The film also has a super fine grain texture that adds to the overall quality of the image. Designed perfectly for the Instax Mini line of cameras, the Fujifilm format film takes advantage of all the features of the camera and gives you brilliantly colored vibrant photographs.

Fast Developing Process and Easy to Carry perhaps the best feature of the Mini Picture Format Film is that it develops the photographs in very quick time. You can see instant results on the film from the moment you press the shutter. With its high speed rating, you can now capture great photographs even in areas which have a low light setting. These films also have twice the temperature tolerance and can be used throughout the year. Since it requires very less developing time, you can instantly view your captured shot. The films come in a pack of 20 shots and have a very compact design that is easy to carry. The films have been designed to add enhanced stability to the shot and reduce noise for better photographs.


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