Couple Wala Never Have I Ever – Naughty Game For Couples


“Couple Wala Never Have I Ever” is a couple game designed for a romantic experience filled with funny confessions involving romantic activities involving stripping/drinking and playful impromptu dares.

We bet Never Have you ever played a game so wonderful, so engrossing that takes you by the storm. Brace yourself for hours of ruthless truths and unlimited fun. The deck includes set of Strip Cards, Shot Cards, and Wild Cards.
Age: 18+

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‘Couple Wala Never Have I Ever’ is a naughty card game for couples to experience a fun filled evening of confessions, dares and drinks.

How to Play:
Set of 50 cards; divided in 3 Categories:

  • 20 Strip cards / 20 Shot cards / 10 Wild cards
  • They all have a funny admission apart from the 10 wild cards
    where your partner may ask a question of their own choice.
  • Partners take turns picking up a card and asking the question to their better half.
  • If they have done in the past what the card says then:

Take a sip of your drink if it’s a Shot Card

Strip any 1 piece of clothing or accessory if it’s a Strip Card

Do whatever your partner wants you to do if it’s a Wild Card

If they have not done what the card says then they do nothing and the next card is pulled by the other partner and so on.


More Info:

  • This product is also a part of our most popular love hamper – Let’s Misbehave.
    So in this hamper you will find our love dices paired along with a number of other products which make it a complete gift hamper for couples in love.
  • Not only make your special day turn in to an unforgettable experience which will blow your partners mind but also stamp your love in the deepest corner of your heart.
  • We have carefully designed this game as a naughty card game for couples keeping in mind Indian sentiments,
    to maximize usability and give a comfortable experience with all possible options.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm


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