Buckle-Up Key Holder


The Buckle Up Key Holder is produced from a genuine car seatbelt buckle. When you get home plug your car keys in and to release simply press the buckle’s red button. Get yourself fastened and get ready for a cute and pretty intelligent way of keeping your keys in order.

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This is the “Buckle Up” key holder for your rings and rings of keys which you’ve gotta hang up by the door or your bound to lose. Do it in such a brilliantly relative way with this seat buckle-turned-hook and never crash into key loss again.

In addition to turning your key hanging into a routine the same way the buckle’s click turns car safety into an automatic gesture, this object is eco-friendly too. How? Each buckle is a discontinued or otherwise reconditioned piece of a real car, otherwise destined to be tossed in a trash pile, ruining our earth forever.

Hooray for new directions!

  • Material: Discontinued car seat belt buckles | Nylon webbing | Aluminium wall mount | Nickle plated steel key ring
  • Packaging: Recycled card gift box
  • Wall mounting fixings included.
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 cm


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