Bollywood Dumbcharades – A Fun Game For Friends & Family.


Bollywood Dumbcharades – A Fun game for friends and family.

This is a game which needs no introduction. Yet we have added a little twist. The box contains one instructions card and 2 decks of 50 cards.

We have designed the game for all, aged 7 to 70 years. We have also added a new set of fun rules with a set of certain “Do’s & “Dont’s”.

Also, We have mentioned a list of nationally accepted hand gesture hints. Since we wanted the game to be played by all, hence we have a bi-lingual design including Hindi & English.

Furthermore, We have created 2 deck of cards: 50 cards are stamped as being “EASY” carrying 100points and the other 50 as being “CHALLENGING” carrying 200 points.

The movie names are funny and would provide ultimate entertainment to all. The cards are big and oriented in landscape mode for easy reading.

We have also added a small twist of dares. In event of an unsuccessful attempt the player is given the option to do the dare printed at the bottom of each card for half the points.

We recommend that this game be played in groups with around  4 to 16 players.


Bollywood Dumbcharades is the ultimate fun game for friends and family.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 3 cm


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